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Collagen is the most abundant protein naturally found in our bodies, produced by our bones and skin. It is the primary structural and most important protein – the building block – of our connective tissue. It is an essential element for healthy living. Collagen gives the different organs their strength and along with elastin, their elastic properties. Collagen is known to contain important amino-acids, which during times of illness and stress cannot often be produced by the body. There are many nutritional and physiological advantages of collagen for the health of joints and skin.

As we age our body loses the ability to produce collagen, a downward curve starting from our fun-filled 20s throughout the years, leading to the unforgiving signs of aging. Time takes its toll on the body and skin – joints become weary, stiff and achy – and skin: less than taut, lined, wrinkled, age-spotted, dull and uneven.

The use of collagen is well-known in skin products for its great hydration abilities and its ability to bind and retain its weight in water, making it effective as a skin hydrator, moisturizer and protector. In short it leaves the skin smooth, soft and rejuvenated. Now, with Dr.Absolute 100% Pure Collagen you can target the signs of ages from the inside out.

Collagen furthermore is essential for health and quality of life, not just smooth, younger looking skin – but also mobile joints, stable bones, glossy hair and healthy finger nails. Collagen can help alleviate the day-to-day stress of the body and joint discomfort in all areas including shoulders, elbows, back, hip and knees.

Dr. Absolute range of products is formulated to supplement the loss of collagen: both inside and out.